Peter Meyers

Peter Meyers

Location: France

The Work
The sculptures of Peter Meyers are not what we would call 'beauty for beauty's sake'.
Not the perfect creature, not the perfect ballerina, not the clone, we don't see them here. The sculptures of Peter Meyers show the figures as they are. Not only the outer body but also the inner body - their soul. The sculptures show the emotion and the tension of the figures.
The essence of the figure is analyzed and translated into a sculpture by the artist in the most skillful way. The body language, the personality, everything is here in metal sheets, you just forget about it, so subjective are the sculptures. Not only is the metal form subjective but also the spaces in between. The metal form creates that impression.
It is a real talent to discover the essence of things, to assimilate it end to make a piece of art out of it. That which captured the interest of the artist becomes accessible to the viewer.


figurative art

La vigne “La vigne”

symbolic art
man and nature creating wine

large sulptures “large sulptures”

la m├ęditation
le coq
Le farniente (having a break)