Emmy Horstkamp

Emmy Horstkamp

Location: Germany

I'm a creative working with words, new media, video, and other traditional artistic materials and, I'm the founder of Munich Artists group.

My website is Emmyhorstkamp.com


Encaustic Work

collage work using encaustics

Hello Me Street Photography

This is a series of street/urban photographs taken of my words on Urban Streets.

Hello Me - Morning Routine “Hello Me - Morning Routine”

This is part of my HelloMe photo series which combines street/urban photography with my words.

Hello - A Life Less Curated “Hello - A Life Less Curated”

Part of my Hello Me series where I combine street photography with my words from this flash fiction story:

Word Suggestions. Website Suggestions. Application Suggestions. Book Suggestions. Dinner Suggestions. Clothing Suggestions. Friends, Suggested.
A life Suggested by mathematical equations based on statistics based on the masses of you know who. The artist looked at her life suggested and greeted it with disdain. She wanted to make the choice before suggestions could be suggested.
She wanted to crawl through the categories. She wanted to plant herself in the space before suggestion because her soul revolted at the imposed curation fitting no life she wanted to lead.
Curated content threw disposable packages based on math and not enough of everything else. The internet no longer was a flea market where gems could be found but a suburban shopping center filled with the same familiar places sharing the same familiar things. The gems she sought were buried under layers of search engine optimized content and she felt betrayed by the masses who forced mediocrity and sensationalism into her hands.
She felt the sluggishness the masses caused and wished for a four wheel drive strong enough to jump off the highway and head cross country in search of hidden treasures far away from the suggested.
She wanted an internet life less curated. Any suggestions?

Hello Me - Access Dreams “Hello Me - Access Dreams”

This is one of the cards from my Hello Me series where I combine my photography and words.

Hello Me-  Adventure “Hello Me- Adventure”

My Hello Me series digital photograph which combine my street photography with my words.

Street Photography - Munich

Portfolio of my street photography

Reservation “Reservation”

Street photography Munich, Germany 2015

For the Men “For the Men”

Munich Street Photography July 2015

Why Does She Get All the Fun? “Why Does She Get All the Fun?”

Munich Street Photography - July 2015

Live - Yeah “Live - Yeah”

Munich street photography 2015