Fab (fabrice Seeleiter)

Fab (Fabrice Seeleiter)

Location: France


Born in Longwy in Lorraine (North East of France), FAB (the pseudonym of Fabrice Seeleiter) has been living in Le Mans since 1999. From an early age, it is through the drawing, the painting that he has been seeking to externalise his need of expression. That is how he naturally moved towards Yves Derval School, where he learned letters and decorative painting...
The path of life led him to Paris, where he finished top of his modern arts school class (“Ecole Superieure des Arts Modernes”). Volume advertising model maker for 3 years to begin with, and then decorative painter for 6 years, he has been evolving as a graphic designer and then studio manager for several years. It was in Montmartre that his first paintings sprung up and within this atmosphere, he developed his creative spirit…
Continuously fascinated by colors and drawing, he gradually migrated towards painting to finally devote himself to this art full-time. Since 2007, he has been participating actively in the artistic and cultural life of his region, participating regularly in solo and collective exhibitions. He has been exhibiting his works in several galleries including in Paris. He has been absorbing the feelings, impressions, criticisms and praise to better cultivate the essence of his future works.
His ever-evolving work can be summarized in four periods:

- First period: Nude expressionist
- Second Period: patterns Figurative landscapes
- Third period: patterns, imaginary birds
- Fourth period: figurative & abstract trends: Dream worlds.


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