Marina Louw

i am an artist working in 3 media - jewellery making, photography and painting.
i have done many exhibition over 25 years and I like to combine all 3 media in each exhibition with one underlying theme.
i see myself as an artist who makes jewellery and plays with a camera.
I am co-owner of a manufacturing jewellery gallery in Johannesburg .
the photographs I am submitting here were taking in Paris during one of my stays at the artists' residence "Cite des Arts International".



these photographs were taken in Paris on the last day of my 3 month stay at the artists' residence there. the theme here is the emptiness and sadness I felt because I had to leave. I walked the streets one last time and saw these empty and derelict buildings in the Bastille district, reflecting my mood. the beauty of what I saw left me in awe and a long series of photographs followed. when I downloaded them on my pc I saw that I caught all the reflections in the white - washed windows and that a pink pigment crept into the images somehow.
so, this is reflecting in more ways than one.