Helēna Antra Grīnberga

Helēna Antra Grīnberga

Location: Latvia

My paintings comes to me from inspiration that I get while sleeping. Traveling to another world where I move around with speed of thought and don't feel materia and have no time, I change in many forms, still I have my senses and I meet people who doesn't even realise that they are there. That is a journey when I return back I am so overwelmed I can not fall back asleep so I promised myself to learn skills of painting, there is no other way of expressing my experience. I am always in process, my head is ful of images that wants to get out.


Dream feast!

This is a feast were I get inspiration from my traveling while asleep.


I love animals.

Rūkis “Rūkis”

Size 30x40, acrylic on canvas, 2016

Chicken in a lazy afternoon “Chicken in a lazy afternoon”

Size 30x50, oil on canvas

Bunny and carrot “Bunny and carrot”

Size 20x20, acrylic on canvas