Pablo Guillamon

Pablo Guillamon

Location: Spain

He has exhibited in a wide variety of establishments and cities: Lorca, Granada, Madrid, Murcia, Paris, Miami, Huesca. Barcelona, Venice, Zurich.
The year 2021 was semi-finalist at the ARTBOX.PROJECT World 1.0. Zurich. Switzerland and in 2019 finalist in the National Painting Prize "Art without Barriers", Albacete. Spain
For the author, his works are an expression of his deepest feelings of everyday life. In his realistic facet, he tries to find the poetry of shapes and colors that configure our real world.
In his abstract works the strokes of light and color move the observer to a warm and cold place at the same time. Hot in the feelings, cold in the observation.
An image is the past of everything that has been during the time elapsed in its composition.
Colors create different and harmonious visions that can not always be seen.
These works represent this eternal and continuous contradiction.

2022 Biennale Art Expo. Venice, Italy

2022 Contemporary Art Gallery On line's. All CityScape. Wilmington (Delaware) U.S.A.

2022 Realism. The last vanguards Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

2022 Urbanside Gallery. Zug, Switzerland

2021 Mention Luxembourg Art Prize 2021

2021 Contemporary Art Gallery on line's Exhibition. Wilmington (Delaware) U.S.A.

2021 Gálicca Art Gallery. Santiago de Compostela, Spain

2021 SwissArtExpo, Zurich. Switzerland

2021 V Salón de Pintura Realista. Centro Cultural Moncloa. Madrid, Spain

2021 Casa América. "Arte en Red" . Madrid. Spain

2021 Semi-Finalist ARTBOX.PROJECT World 1.0. Zurich. Switzerland

2021 Contemporary Art Gallery Online's Digital Art Exhibition.
Wilmington (Delaware) U.S.A.

2021 ArtBox Gallery. Project World 1.0 - Zurich. Switzerland

2021 Mundo Arti Museum. Special Christmas

2020 II Internacional Museo Virtual Mundoarti. Valencia. Spain

2020 MundoArti Museum. Valencia. Spain

2020 Swiss Art Expo. Zurich, Switzerlan.

2020 Colectiva Galería Hotel Restaurante Picasso. Gola del Ter. Gerona. Spain

2020 XXXVIII Exposition Internationale d'Art Contemporain- Castell Montesquiu. Barcelona. Espagne.

2020 Maria Luisa Palace. Collective Exhibition. Hotel*****. Jerez. Cádiz. Spain

2020 Colectiva. Hotel Privilegio de Tena****. Huesca. España

2020 XXVII International Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Barcelona, Spain

2020 Colectiva Contemporanea. Abartium Gallery Calldetenes. Barcelona, España

2019. Artbox Project Mimi 2.0, Miami, Florida. U.S.

2019. Marquis Hotels Issabel’s. Granada. Spain.

2019. Finalists National Painting Prize “Art without Barriers”. José Saramago Culture House. Albacete Spain

2019. Végétal dans L’Art. Galerie Libre Est L’Art. Paris. France

2019. Finalist National Painting Prize "Art without Barriers", Albacete. Spain

2019. Finalist National Prize for Painting City of Manises. Spain

2014. Urban landscapes. Exhibition hall Campillo, Lorca, Spain

2010. Landscapes. CajaGranada exhibition hall Granada, Spain

2007. Household things. Archena City Hall Exhibition Hall, Spain

2005. Windows and flowers. Exhibition Center Cultural Center, Lorca, Spain.


Pop Art -1

Collection inspired by the aesthetics of everyday life and consumer goods of the time, such as advertisements, comic books, "mundane" cultural objects and the world of cinema.

Saint Andrew Night Grenade- Spain “Saint Andrew Night Grenade- Spain”

Saint Andrew Night Grenade- Spain

Marilyn Monroe “Marilyn Monroe”

Marilyn Monroe

Matrix-Monica Bellucci “Matrix-Monica Bellucci”

Matrix-Monica Bellucci

Jonhy Deep - public Enemy “Jonhy Deep - public Enemy”

Jonhy Deep - public Enemy

Scarllet Johansson “Scarllet Johansson”

Scarllet Johansson