Faye Khadivi

I believe, we always forget the simple little things can make a huge difference and wondering what can be certain in our lives…our existence or things we create are nothing but reflection of God in our spirit.
Human life is a short path in comparison to cosmic cycle.
We are HERE to laugh, cry, smile, love, pray and so many other beautiful things!
And art is an example of a powerful way to remind us how creative we are.
I take pride in my choice to become an artist. I’m certain when someone connects with my spirit, can hear my inner voice by being touched and being impressed by my artwork, that moment is a life changing occasion.
In that special occasion, I’m touched by the blessings to feel the appreciation to God.
In my paintings, some time people can be seen physically, some time they are absent but their emotions are impressed by artwork.
Art has the ability to show an incredible power of inspiration and impacting on other’s life.
Since 15 years ago and as a batik artist, I became fascinated by the way colors and mixed media create beauty in painting.
Thus, batik didn’t fulfill my desire to express myself and that quest has led me to work on a new style in my art; “Abstract, Batik, Collage”.
To this moment, the more I experience painting, the further I fall in love with art. The beauty, the integrity, the intense, positive energy, passion and the dreams which have been held in hearts will come together to create a unique combination of art; “Abstract, Batik, Collage”.

To Love & Beauty
Faye Khadivi


Faye Artwork

Combination of Batik, Abstract, Collage and Mix Media

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