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Over twenty years of proficient experience teaching Studio Art and Art History to students of all ages. Provide practical skills, theory, and history of art; educating students in aspects such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics. Strong knowledge of theory and techniques required for releasing the creativity in my students. Art design, teaching, and instruction for individuals and group classes. Excellent knowledge of the principles and methods for curriculum mapping and training programs.


European studio art techniques and history - Student motivation - Curriculum mapping - Experienced artist - Extensive exhibition history - Resourceful and creative - Professionally trained


California Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential
Mt. St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles, CA

Master of Arts in Art Education
California State University Northridge, Northridge CA; 2009

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts
Academy of Fine Arts, Novi Sad, former Yugoslavia; 1993

Technician of Graphic Design
High School of Design, Novi Sad, former Yugoslavia; 1989


Chaminade College Preparatory, West Hills CA 08/2003 – Current
Art Teacher
Design and present exciting lessons to inspire and educate student for grades 9-12 in subjects of Studio Art and Drawing and Design for Art Graphics. Working with faculty I have successfully integrated curriculum mapping to connect art with other subjects.

Nela’s Art Studio, Thousand Oaks CA 03/1996 - Current
Private Art Teacher
After-school art enrichment program for students of all ages. Work one-on-one and in group settings offering private art tuition in all areas of studio art.

Learning Tree University, Chatsworth CA 09/-2002 – 05/2003
Instructor of History of Interior Design and Decoration, Multi Media Art, Trompe L’ Oil Technique, Mosaic, Collage, and Oil Painting. Instructor for adults experienced in the field, interior designers, and decorators pursuing Professional Certification Programs offered by nationally accredited university.

Absolutely Art, Calabasas CA 05/2002 - 08/2002
Art Teacher
After-school enrichment program in public schools.


The Art Den, Thousand Oaks CA 02/2001 – 05/2002
Art Teacher
Full-time teacher and assistant for over 100 students, children, and adults. Working with children and adults of all levels, using art as therapy and stress reliever.

Karlovacka Gimnazija, (High School), former Yugoslavia 01/1993 – 12/1996
Art Teacher
Art and Art History


Born Yugoslavia; Married, 1 Son (20); Naturalized US Citizen 2002


1991- 1996 Several group exhibitions in Novi Sad and Belgrade, former Yugoslavia.
1993 Solo exhibition “Drawings” at Culture Center in Novi Sad, former Yugoslavia.
1993 Group exhibition II Karlovacki Salon Mladih,” Palace Stefaneum, Sremski Karlovci, former Yugoslavia.
1996 21st Salon of Sremska Mitrovica, at the Lazar Vozarevic Gallery, Sr. Mitrovica, former Yugoslavia.
1996 Karlovacki Salon Mladih III, The Stefaneum Pallace, Sremski Karlovci, former Yugoslavia.
1997 Member of the Westlake Village Art Guild, Westlake Village CA.
1997 Member of Thousand Oaks Art Association. Local group exhibitions at Thousand Oaks Community Gallery CA (March, November, December).
1997- current Solo exhibition and many local group exhibitions at the Civic Arts Plaza, and Thousand Oaks area.
1997 Member of Ventura County Art Council. Exhibition and art workshops in Thousand Oaks area.
1998 Group exhibition “Reflections” at Civic Arts Plaza Thousand Oaks CA.
1999 Member of the Chicago Windy City Artists. National competition and a group exhibition “Vision 99 at Zarem/Golde Art Technical Institute, Chicago IL.

2000 - 2010
2000 International competition and group exhibition ”One Hundred Sacred Visions” in Payerbach, Austria.
2003 CSU Northridge Art Education students’ group performance “Decade of 1959-1969, in USA” held at CSUN.
2004 – 2005 “The Iwano Project V” international group art project.
2005-2013 Annual CSUN Invitational Group Exhibition for High School Students and their Teachers.
2008-2010 – First International Online Exhibition.
2013 Thousand Oaks Art Association Membership show.
2015 San Fernando Art Association Membership Show.
2016 Member of the Los Angeles Art Association
2016 Viridian Artists Inc. Gallery's, Twenty-seventh International Juried Exhibition.
Figure One Gallery, Group Expo University of Urbana - Champaign, Department of Art/Design Art Ed Micro Residence, IL.
- The Hive Gallery & Studios, “Equilibrium Rites”/”Honey and Venom”/”Cosmic Union”, Los Angeles, CA.
- 47th National River Road Show, Louisiana State Archives Building, Baton Rouge, LA.
- Art Kudos, 2016 International Juried Art Competition and Exhibition (online only).
-Seyhoun Gallery's Exhibit, "Unconscious Mind in Action", Los Angeles, CA
- California Art League's Exhibit, "Spirits of the Night", CAL's 2016 Gold Medal Exhibit, Los Angeles, CA
- Pirate Contemporary Art Gallery Juried National Exhibition, Denver, CO.

- 16th Annual Juried Open Exhibition, at Topanga Canyon Gallery, Topanga, CA
- Watercolor Art Society-Houston's 2017 International Watercolor Exhibition, at WAS-H Gallery, Houston, TX.
- NEXT Gallery’s National Juried Show “Next Up”, Denver, CO.
- Brownsville Museum of Art 45th International Art Show, Brownsville, TX.

Nela V. Steric is a member of Los Angeles Art Association and California Art League.


Oceanscapes and Skyscapes 2015/6

My Oceanscapes, Skyscapes and Imaginary Woods Series of works are spiritual portraits of persons very
important to me. Instead of physical and geographical locations, I portray certain
person's character traits and how it "feels" to me, using elements of nature. It is mixed with my own feelings, ideas, or mental images about the particular person. I become
inspired by one's stories, ideas or a complete spirit. I transition the feelings it triggers in me into imaginary Oceanscapes, Skyscapes or Imaginary Woods. The names of art pieces do not reflect this thinking process, but rather relate to elements of nature; therefore the viewer can be free to see them as fragments of nature, and maybe relate it to something else. The works are created in series, as versions of the same ideas, following my emotional states. The elusive and unpredictable media of watercolors and inks on Yupo effectively follows my ideas and my visions of one’s always changing, living spirit.

Boneyard Series

My Boneyard Series are the combinations of emotional, sarcastic, and self-search responses of the horrific outcomes of wars. Several art pieces in particular, are closely related to causalities of a former Yugoslav civil war, and Serbs' role in it in particular. Serbs took part in a civil war, but afterwards, until this day, have not openly accepted their role in the war. It bothers me that most Serbs are still turning a blind eye to the events that happened. Since I am originally from there, I choose to sarcastically name my works by mass grave numbers, and act as I am fully accepting their denial of those events. I also self-search and recognize my own shortcomings, negative - and the way I call them - "Genocidal roots", and show it on my works. This way, I am not acting as a moral "high judge" but as a part of their nation, trying to understand them and my own soul. It could be related to the Serbian civil war of the 90's, or it can be viewed as a general dramatic views of casualties of all human wars.

Beautiful Bones Diaries

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"Voodoo" Series "V7"

in construction

V1 “V1”

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V3 “V3”

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V5 “V5”

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