Lisa Wolfin

Lisa Wolfin

Location: Canada

Lisa Wolfin originally trained in fashion at the House of Dior, Paris. She found herself fascinated by the texture, colour and shine of the fabrics which would eventually form the foundation for her signature work. Although achieving success in fashion design, upon her return to Canada, she found herself drawn increasingly toward multimedia, eventually transforming her focus toward visual arts. Lisa’s earliest paintings reflect her affinity for textiles, melding the patterns of fabric with the free form of oils. While a prolific painter, her media exploration knows few bounds. Lisa has created a broad body of work in pottery, textiles, architectural materials, photography as well as her mixed renderings in oil, acrylic, pastel, wax and other media.

An increasingly inward reflection on spirituality has led Lisa in recent works to an exploration of nature, particularly forest imagery. Through this journey of discovery, Lisa hopes that the viewer will transport themselves through a portal of light and color, into the realm of infinite possibility that is our natural and spiritual worlds, where planes of perception entwine to reveal shimmering new perspectives.


Nothing Stands Still

West Coast water scene.