Lee Jordan

lee jordan

Location: Unknown



Stone sculpture. this portfolio is of female torso's.

Rapture “Rapture”

Alabaster. Natural green and red color. 24" high on a black marble base.

Red Heat “Red Heat”

Alabaster and Neon wall sculpture. 34" high.

She'll Make Her Way “She'll Make Her Way”

Chocolate alabaster sculpture. 24" high. $6,950.00

And I Love Her “And I Love Her”

Alabaster. 25" high.

Body Series

Full body stone and wood sculpture.

Waiting For the Sun “Waiting For the Sun”

Green Chlorite. 24" high.

The Smile On Your Face “The Smile On Your Face”

Italian alabaster. 20" high.

She Once Was “She Once Was”

Italian Alabaster. 22" high.

I'd Rather Fly “I'd Rather Fly”

Italian Alabaster. 15" high.

Butterflies and Moonbeams “Butterflies and Moonbeams”

Utah Alabaster 15" high.


Abstract Sculpture. The new ones are lit.

The fount of Knowldge “The fount of Knowldge”

Translucent Italian alabaster with hid light in the base.
36" high.

Massif “Massif”

Walnut. Natural color. 33" high.

Smile At Destiny “Smile At Destiny”

Orange Utah Alabaster on a pin and black marble base. 21" high.

Heart of the Matter “Heart of the Matter”

Translucent Italian Alabaster. 13" high.