Davorka Azinovic

Davorka Azinovic

Location: Germany

Davorka Azinovic was born in Croatia 1965.
1983.-1987. study of applied arts in Croatia.
1995. moved to Munich, Germany.
Since 2004. own an art studio.
Since 2009. member of Sculpture Network.
2015.-2017. - nominated for Palm Art Award

2017. won Winsor&Newton Prise at Palm Art Award

May-July 2014 - Sculptures, Stadtbücherei, Garching, Germany
May 2016. - Paintings, Spring art fair, Barcelona, Spain
Juli 2016. - Color and Life, Art Nou Mil.lenni Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
July 2016. - Sculptures, Marziart – International Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
Nov.2016-April 2017. paintings, RossoCinabro art gallery, Rome, Italy
Nov. 2016. paintings, ArtExpo Autumn Rome, Rome, Italy
Nov.-Dez. 2016. painting, Spectrum/Red Dott Miami, USA
Jan. 2017. paintings, ArtExpo Winter Rome, Rome, Italy
Feb. 2017. paintings, Arttime Gallery, Udine, Italy
Mar. 2017 - Artexpo Rome March 2017, Rome, Italy
Apr. 2017 - Artexpo New York 2017, New York, USA
May 2017 - Art in Lisabon 2017, Lisabon, Portugal
May-July 2017. - Purpurberg und grünes Meer, VHS-Zentrum Ismaning, Germany
Juni 2017 - Artexpo Summer Rome 2017, Rome, Italy
Juni-July 2017 - Subway Station Garching, Germany
Sep.-Oct. 2017 – Fenster, Stadtbücherei Garching, Germany
Sep.-Dez. 2017 – Querbet, VHS-Zentrum Garching, Germany
Nov.2017-Mar.2018 – paintings, Sammlung der Galerie Böhner, Mannheim, Germany
Apr.2018 - paintings, Burgerhaus Garching, Germany



An Attemt to Hold on Time “An Attemt to Hold on Time”

oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm, 2013.

Flying Pan Flute “Flying Pan Flute”

Oil on canvas, 100x60 cm, 2016.

Sunken Civilization “Sunken Civilization”

acrylic on canvas, 70x50 cm, 2016.

Reflection and Hot Chocolate “Reflection and Hot Chocolate”

oil on canvas, 54x81 cm, 2017.

Invitation in Garden “Invitation in Garden”

acrylic on canvas, 50x50 cm, 2016.


Moon Lady “Moon Lady”

pine wood, 30 cm, 2008.

Dragon “Dragon”

mahogany wood, 50 cm, 2014.

Magic Lines “Magic Lines”

Basswood, 40 cm high, 2014.

Mixed Media

Acrylic on canvas and mixed media

Ups, a Pimple! “Ups, a Pimple!”

acrylic on canvas and mixed media, 50x50 cm, 2015.

The Scent of Spring “The Scent of Spring”

acrylic on canvas and mixed media, 50x50 cm, 2016.

Under the Pressure of the Institutions “Under the Pressure of the Institutions”

acrylic on canvas and mixed media, 50x70 cm, 2016.

The Dance of Phoenixes “The Dance of Phoenixes”

Mixed media and acrylic on canvas, 50x70 cm, 2016.

Follow the Wind “Follow the Wind”

mixed media and acrylic on canvas, 54x81 cm, 2016.

In Some Better World “In Some Better World”

mixed media and acrylic on canvas, 50x50 cm, 2016.

Cyborg Evolution “Cyborg Evolution”

mixed media and acrylic on canvas, 50x50 cm, 2016