Jan Lowe

Jan Lowe

Location: Australia

Bio of Jan Lowe
"My art, my way"! Art expression is a personal journey, it brings the viewer into a special place - it is the raw emotion and feelings of the subject encountered and the impact that event had on the artist - be it a human, place or animal. It may not be a prize winning artwork - but it is how this artist remembered the subject and that is why it was painted. It is from her vision and its about passion and emotion. Its all about really seeing the subject, the energy, place and environment - how it impacted on her emotion. Without art aids, but with her, pencil, brush, pen or blade - it is what she saw and recorded that special feeling, it is part of her life journey.
Jan Lowe, AGRA


Other animals from other places

Travelling is an enrichment not just for a persons development, but for the opportunity to see the incredible creatures of the world, the domestic and wild, within this portfolio, I have recorded some of those beautiful creatures. Working in scratchboard, coloured pencil or watercolour or pastel.

Dreaming of a featherbed - old Lioness “Dreaming of a featherbed - old Lioness”

This incredible lady, whom I called Elsa II, I met whilst working in South Africa. She was adopted by the ranger - and her young life nearly came to a halt because of poachers and "white hunters" as they were referred to, all of her immediate family were murdered, and she managed to escape - although she was very badly injured. But her life did turn out pretty good, she was adopted by this ranger who loved to so much, she was like a huge domestic cat, as she could never return to the wild. Every morning I would sit with her and enjoy her company as well as my coffee.
I so admire anyone who gives their life to saving animals, she was a delight and every time I visited over a number of years, she remembered me. I sketched her and took many photographs, in this scratch-board image, I tried to make out that she was free and resting in the wild, but she actually was lying on a rug - Scratch-board and watercolour on Ampersand Clayboard..

Living in Savannah “Living in Savannah”

This delightful Raccoon lives in the sanctuary in the Savannah Swamplands, shearing her environment with alligators and many species of birds and fish which is what she was doing when I found her, we stopped, and watched her for over 1/2 hour. Just wonderful. Scratchboard and Ink.

Waiting - Minnie “Waiting - Minnie”

Little Minnie had lost her owner - and was very sad. Scratchboard and ink.

Ode to Cecil “Ode to Cecil”

Remembering a beautiful creature that had no match to the "pathetic human white hunter"! Scratchboard and Ink


Places seen during my travels, memories that say forever, the beautiful country side of Italy - especially in Sienna, France, US and UK

White Cat Lane - Sienna “White Cat Lane - Sienna”

Just love Sienna and its little townships, I missed the name of this gorgeous street, but the white cats made it easy - hence White Cat Lane - beautiful place,, the soft lights shining through the doorways - give life. Acrylic (Sold)

The beautiful Kauai Island and its creator “The beautiful Kauai Island and its creator ”

We walk around the perimeter of this amazing extinct volcano, the view from the rim was immense and running. No animals - but so many birds and stunning variety of scrubs and trees, exhausting to walk it, but worth every effort. Watercolour

Waiting - NGV “Waiting - NGV”

After a long day at the National Gallery of Victoria - the visitors were eager to get home after the rain storm. The colours of the reflections were just too much to not sketch. Scratchboard and Ink

People, lines and beauty

Images that I have seen and people I have met - I see an image and its form and grace are important factor when planning a scratchboard or painting. Although my desire is painting animals, all subject are important. When painting people - it is their face and form - large hands, a face that tells a story or a pose.