Nadia Lassman

Nadia Lassman

Location: Canada

Although beginning my career as a lawyer, I discovered my love of painting later in life. My work has been described as landscapes with a touch of abstraction and I enjoy working with both brush and palette knife. Various mediums like gels, gessos and modeling pastes provide me with the ability to make my paintings textured and have varying finishes. I paint primarily with acrylic paint but dabble in oil painting from time to time
I love to create landscapes as they remind me of the wonderful places I have travelled as well as those I look forward to visiting. I am drawn to water scenes because they are peaceful and I love the juxtaposition of colour between the warm greens and yellows and cooler purples and blues that nature generously shares. My artistic influences include the Impressionist artists, notably Monet and Degas.


Water Collection

Many of my landscapes include water within the scene as I love the movement of water and the way it can also look so peaceful.

Lily Pads “Lily Pads”

l love the texture in this painting and the juxtaposition of color between the warm greens and cool blues, just as you would find in nature.

Digging in the Sand “Digging in the Sand”

This painting is fun and I love the bright colors that you often find at the beach