Berbel Lätt

Berbel Lätt

Location: Estonia

She graduated The Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) with BA in Graphic Design (2010) and has since been working as a freelance artist. In 2012 she founded her own ceramic jewelry company called "Skarbel". In 2015, she had an art gallery that had the same name. In 2013, she attended Leonardo Da Vinci Internship and further studies in ceramics (Vallauris, France). Berbel has won three prizes in the coin collector design competition organized by Eesti Pank (The Bank of Estonia). Also a collector coin dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Raimond Valgre designed by Berbel Lätt has been issued in Estonia. She has also been successful in many other design competitions as well as she has had four exhibitions. Last years, Berbel is more into painting and wants to improve herself rather in this area



Irish wolfhound Pippa “Irish wolfhound Pippa”

Oil on canvas.
One of the 40 winners of the latest worldwide Artavita online contest

The Iron lady. “The Iron lady.”

This cat lady is almost as old as the euro. This year turned 19 years old. She is an Italian by birth and has lived in Italy by Lake Garda for the first years of her life. She has given birth to several litters of kittens, who in turn have given birth to new kittens. Somehow cat lady called Pizza has lived longer than any of them and now has survived the corona era. She is a living legend and, despite his advanced age, she still brings the mouse to the table. Not that she needs it, it's a matter of honor and principle. She has earned a proud portrait of herself.

Naive oilpaintings

After party (Chicken selfie.) “After party (Chicken selfie.)”

After the party, the fox is feeling very bad, but the chicken wants to get a picture of it, so that later he can influence the fox with this picture.