Abhijeet Shrivastava



The city in the black and white charcoal artwork is one that has been greatly impacted by the effects of climate change. The streets are awash with floodwaters with debris and trash floating on the surface.

There are plumes of smoke rising into the air, signaling that there have been fires caused by the extreme weather conditions. The city's infrastructure is in disarray. Amidst the chaos and destruction, there are people at risk, trying to escape the rising waters. Some are stranded, with no way to get to safety. Others are wading through the waist-deep floodwaters, carrying their belongings and trying to find shelter.

The black and white artwork captures the stark reality of the city's plight, as it struggles to cope with the devastating effects of climate change. It serves as a warning of what could happen if we do not take action to address the root causes of these hazards and work to protect our communities from their impact.