Ageeva-usova Irina

Irina Mikhailovna Ageyeva (maiden name) was born in Russia, in the small town of Dyatkovo, which has long been famous for its crystal products. She developed an inclination towards painting at an early age, and studied it independently and during lessons at a children's art school. Parents did not allow her to leave and enter a prestigious university, but as an adult (Usova, her married name) she graduated from the Art and Craft Department of the Pedagogical University in Bryansk. Worked as a designer in various spheres. Additional education - courses in design at MGTU (Moscow State Technical University) named after Bauman. For a long time engaged in design of graphics and web-design. Now enthusiasm for painting and teaching. Moved from Moscow to the Crimea. In Moscow participated in two exhibitions of painting within the Christian Theatre Festival in 2008 and 2011. The second was a solo exhibition. I have over 500 paintings, many of which are owned in Russia, and some in the US, Germany and China. All works are originals, I rarely make copies.




Moscow in the evening “Moscow in the evening”

Oil on canvas. 2012. 60 x 80 cm. 350 EUR.

A pond in Tsaritsino. September “A pond in Tsaritsino. September”

Oil on canvas. 2010. 40 x 50 cm in wood frame. Handcrafted. 300 EUR.

The sky over Moscow “The sky over Moscow”

Oil on canvas. 30x50 cm 2012. 160 EUR.

Odessa “Odessa”

Canvas, oil. 30x40 cm 2014. 300€

The Churches Of Moscow “The Churches Of Moscow”

Temple Tikhvin icon of the mother of God. The left part of the triptych. Canvas, oil, 50x30 sm. 300 EUR.

“ Time is running out” ““ Time is running out””

Oil on canvas 60х50 sm. 2010. 350 EUR.

The Churches Of Moscow “The Churches Of Moscow”

Holy Trinity Church on the Pyatnitsky cemetery. Middle part of the triptych "Temples of Moscow". Canvas, oil, 50x30 sm. 300 EUR.

"Moscow-City" “"Moscow-City"”

Canvas/Oil 40x100sm 2016 700eur


A lovely plot “A lovely plot”

Oil on canvas. 2010. 40 x 30 cm in wood frame. 300 EUR.

Adalary “Adalary”

Oil on canvas. 2015. 50 x 70 cm 400 EUR.

"Where the Wild Dreams" “"Where the Wild Dreams"”

Canvas, oil. 50?70sm 2015 The painting is in the Crimea in the gallery "Golden Section" 350€

Sea surf “Sea surf ”

Oil, canvas 50x70cm. 2022. 350€