Susan Matthews

Susan Matthews is a painter and percussionist living in Oakland, California. She holds a BFA from UC Berkeley and an MFA from San Francisco State University. Her recent work is part of a collaborative artists’ field research project called Secrets Under the Skin, which looks at aspects of African culture that are practiced today in Cuba. Please see and

Susan teaches Drawing, Painting, and Design at The College of San Mateo, San Mateo, California.


Secrets Under the Skin

Secrets Under the Skin is a collaborative artists' field research project which looks at aspects of African culture that are practiced in Cuba today. Several paintings from my series on Cuba can be seen in this portfolio. Also please see and

Robinson's Evidence “Robinson's Evidence”

Reinaldo Robinson in his house in Cuba, looking at photos from ghana and Togo brought to him by the Secrets Under the Skin collaboration.

The Women of Dzodze “The Women of Dzodze”

Women of Dzodze, Ghana, looking at photos from Perico, Cuba, brought to her by the Secrets Under the Skin Collaboration.

Robinson's House “Robinson's House”

Reynaldo Robinson kept a shrine for his father, in Perico, Cuba, in accordance with African customs. The shrine remains, although Robinson is now deceased. No one is allowed to sit in the chair, as announced by the sign in Spanish. A print of this painting was given to Reynaldo as a gift, and now resides in the chair.