Magdalene Stedman Cheong

Magdalene Stedman Cheong

Location: Singapore

Cheong Fong Sin was born in Singapore just before the country's independence in 1965. Mag as her friends call her, put herself through school and worked hard to get where she is today.

After schooling, she became a secretary for a naval architect firm and then, pursuing her love of fashion, moved to the retail industry where she worked her way up as fashion buyer for a leading Singapore department store. It was during that time she met her American husband. Later, she joined his photography and design company as sales director. That was over 15 years ago and their company has continued to grow, even in a difficult economy.

During her childhood, money was often scarce and the family faced hardship. Her father worked as a bus driver while her mother worked in a shoe factory. She acknowledges that her success in life is due to her parent's sacrifice, hard work and their traditional values.

Mag has always appreciated art, ever since she was a child. Mag discovered the art of painting, quite by accident. A friend invited her to take part in a course that was given at a local community center.

Still, with no formal training in art or any actual exposure to art techniques, she enjoyed the course and excelled at putting paint to canvas. Today, she finds painting helps her relax and is an ideal medium for her to express her feelings and aspirations. In the near future, she intends to devote herself full time exploring art painting.