Alan Mirkovich

Wellcome to my World

…Waking up in the morning, every woman thinks — what I really love about my life is peace. All those disturbances and surprises are worth nothing. My home, my family and career are much more important than those unexpected changes…

You believe that?
Neither does she.
And you know why?
Because that’s a lie.

90 % of what we think depends on what we see. Even the happiest woman doesn’t know what she wants until she sees it. To find yourself, your emotional DNA, you need to look around…

…And eventually you gaze at the painting. No matter what, no matter when — any picture has a chance to blow your mind. Moreover — if from millions of pictures you stare at this one, then, in a sense, you’ve already said yes to it. Because nothing in life happens by chance.

I realized it when I became an artist.

My iPhone holds gigabytes of personal photos: my family, my friends, the sky and nature. Like all of us, I value these shots a lot. But do they possess the same value to all the other people? And now just imagine that my iPhone memory holds not just common photos, but the molecules of mountains, oceans, wind and sun, seeds of happiness and sadness, embryos of love and hatred. The genes of human emotions. Your emotions.

My name is Alan, and I don’t want to tell the world about myself. I want to share my revelation with you.

One day I found out that my iPhone could have a soul. It’s not just stylish accessory, but animated device which helps me to show you the DNA of nature and human feelings. My pictures come into the world from the iPhone screen and inhabit canvas, wood, leather, silk, marble and other materials.

You don’t need to understand my works — you’ve got to feel them. Some paintings absorb negative emotions, the others evoke strength and energy or heal mental wounds. …Look at the picture and catch your first emotion. Like the first love, it couldn’t be wrong. When you choose the painting, don't trust artist’s reputation or regalia — trust your feelings. Your attitude of mind could change, like the light playing on the fringes of brilliant, but your choice is your private privilege, which brings your self-consciousness, fresh view and new impressions.

Don’t hurry, take a time to look narrowly at the mirrors of my paintings — and you’ll certainly see the reflection of your emotional DNA in them.



DNA of Emotions

All works are made with special unique tecnique. It is layered on different levels applying of the paint -8 layers of varied FX varnish.

Volumetric 3D printing on canvas, artist uses the technique of covering several layers of coating, paint and varnish.

Energy and Entrance to Meditation “Energy and Entrance to Meditation”

Meditation is the ability to be happy alone. Through meditation perceived limitless. Person who knows this becomes boundless happy. In a small thing, there is no happiness. Open your energy and send it in the right direction. You lose your energy only if life becomes boring in your mind. Let`s be interested in something, let`s be addicted to it! Come out from your usual shell and then you will find your long-awaited harmony.

The first Kiss “The first Kiss”

The first kiss flickers in the silk pleats of the past as tender-pink brilliant. If before the first kiss you feel that your heart is pounding, your knees are shaking, your palms are sweating - this is normal. Do not be in a rush. Enjoy the taste of happiness on your lips.

Rhythm of life longevity “Rhythm of life longevity”

The five - one of the most respected figures in China. This number is number of creativity, leading the world to the movement, development and change. For all events and changes are five major planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the five basic elements - water, metal, fire, wood, and earth. There are five natural and five reverse movement of the planets and the elements. Elements correspond to the five tastes, five colors, the five senses and the five major internal organs. Five is a number of happiness, movement life. It is an active and moderate, strong, intelligent and uplifting.

Amour au Paris “Amour au Paris”

Let us run away with you to Paris and walk through Montmartre,
Where the air from the ground to the roof is imbued with the scent of love.
Paris is the same as any other big city: London, New York, Tokyo ... But in Paris you will be loved, maybe not better, but certainly more often. Every visit to the Paris - the anticipation and every departure - disappointment.

Touch “Touch”

Only now, She realized how deeply falls into the world of lechery and lust and how the sense of lightness fills her from within. Gentle touch of their bodies has activated the electrical charge that changed their destiny forever. This moment of their closeness will excite their imagination and dreams for a long time.

 The Autumn Mirror “ The Autumn Mirror”

The contemplation of nature is a magnificent gift for those who seek for inner harmony. The moment, when monotony mass of leaves and herbs bursts with contrast colors, reminds the revelation. You see strong emotions agitating your soul and calm them down to reach the balance. Look at «The Autumn Mirror». In its depth, you will see the freedom from passions and vivifying peace.

Office happiness hormones “Office happiness hormones”

When you return home from work, you have to be satisfied by the work itself, and from the fact that the world needs it. With this life - the heavens and they are as close as you can reach them. Without this - with the work that you hate that is solid monotony and that does not need the world - your life - hell. Never man is happier than in the creative process, it is especially in the process, because the result can only bring satisfaction not happiness.

Bloody Victory (The Last Samurai) “Bloody Victory (The Last Samurai)”

"When your sword is broken, you will defeat the enemy with your bare hands. If your hands are cut off, you press down him to the ground by your shoulders. If your shoulders are cut off too, you gnaw necks of the ten or fifteen enemies by your teeth. That is what courage. "- Samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo XVII century Japan.
Where does the courage of a man and his actions come from? Why does a warrior fearlessly rush towards the inevitable death? The answer lies in the philosophy of the Japanese Samurai, «Way of the Warrior» - code of the Samurai. Courage, loyalty and justice - 3 bases the samurai live with and die with honor. However, the real deep inner meaning of the warrior's way - this awareness of death at any time, which gives the value of every minute of life. Only a man , ready to die, could live , seeing the world in full color could look at the world with love and could notice the world what the ordinary people in life do not pay attention. He feels all the beauty of nature, which can be frozen for the last time now in his eyes. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to be a samurai, to wake up from dream, start to live and commit your actions with honor.

Blue Overcoming “Blue Overcoming”

Everyone dreams about love, difficult path to it lies through problem overcoming.
All couples often do not notice anything around them and are passionate about each other.
They are in love, and the rest world is unimportant. Every attempt of struggling for happiness is always justified.
Do not be afraid going your own way to your personal pleasure from life!

Sultry summer emotions “Sultry summer emotions”

Light black dress at the slightest breeze touched her breasts, emphasizing on how hot the day turned out. Thoughts were about inviting coolness that wanted to feel all of her receptors. On the tip of the tongue tastes of mint, lemon and strawberry appeared, fireworks of pleasure erupted inside. Sweet numbness fell on the lips, resulting in a mad desire to feel the warming kiss. The look could warm up, while stopping even on ice cream.