Kareena Zerefos

Kareena Zerefos


Kareena Zerefos is an Australian artist, designer and flâneuse. She graduated with a Bachelor of Design in 2007, and is currently completing her Masters in Art (Painting) at the College of Fine Arts (UNSW).

Zerefos’ artwork delicately deals with the human condition and its polarity of isolation and connection; exploring notions of the Child Archetype, instinct and intuition through mixed media drawing on paper, and whimsical illustrative work.

A relentless idealist, and reforming escapist, her drawings depict ethereal and often metamorphic compositions of child and animal. Her recent work takes inspiration from European folklore and mythology, particularly of Ancient Greece; a fascination she nurtures, travelling frequently to the Aegean Island of Samos where her family originates.

The artist has exhibited internationally in the UK, USA, France, Spain, and in numerous shows across Australia. She is also involved in commercial illustration projects for the fashion, music and advertising industries, and is represented by JSR Agency in London.