Budi Eka Putra

Budi eka putra

Location: Indonesia


Budi Eka Putra was born in Rokan Hulu , RIAU(Sumatera), Indonesia at July 21th 1976. He learned about the art. He was been learned about the art education from The Art High School in Padang (Sumatera Barat,1992-1997) and graduate from Indonesian Art Institute Yogyakarta (1997-2005

About the Artist
Budi Eka Putra is an established artist from Sumatra island, Indonesia, whose concern for environment and nature stems from personal experiences. Budi was born and raised in Riau, Sumatra, not far from the forests that saw alarming cases of illegal logging. This has shaped his personality and thoughts and propelled his creative process as well. His works primarily emphasise on the stimulating need to respect and restore our environment. He uses meters to symbolize the measurement of damage to nature and consequently the countdown of earth to total destruction. However, the butterflies add to the cheer in his paintings, while reminding us that we still have the opportunity to rebuild and rehabilitate. Inspired by Piet Mondriaan, Joan Miro and Rene Magritte, Budi has developed a unique style of decorative realism in which he effectively blends figurative abstractions with ornamental elements.

Budi Eka is an award winning artist and his works have been exhibited in various big cities in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.


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