Ben Turner

I'm Ben, a recent graduate from Oxford University in Biological Sciences. I've always had a passion (and might I say, talent) for drawing and painting. It's my favourite thing to do! My favourite materials are pencil colour, gouache, acrylic and digital art.


Nature Studies

Mainly pencil colour, studies of animals and plants.

Owl Babies “Owl Babies”

Pencil Colour, Postcard size

Pingu “Pingu”

Pencil colour, postcard size

Conch “Conch”

Acrylic, A3

Bang! Science Illustrations

Illustrations for the Oxford University student science magazine, Bang! Science.

Casual Braining “Casual Braining”

Pencil, coloured using Corel Photoshop X3

Braintronics “Braintronics”

Pencil. Coloured using Corel Photoshop X3

Depression “Depression”

Sad neuron. Pencil, coloured on Corel Photoshop X3

How to Make a Supernova “How to Make a Supernova”

Pencil, coloured using Corel Photoshop X3

Wind Turbines “Wind Turbines”

Pencil, coloured using Corel Photoshop X3.


Studies of feelings.

Just For Fun

A collection of miscellaneous pieces that were done, well, just for fun!

Stella “Stella”

Poor attempt at a bottle, pencil colour.