Monica Lowenberg


Location: Mexico

Monica Lowenberg was born in Mexico City. Painting has been the essential motive of her life. She was able to study graphic design, which helped her as a bridge to enter and know more about the world of colors and forms, which helped her to obtain a pictorial language that is very characteristic of her work. Her subjects are able to catch and share the most sublime feelings that are part of the human being, being able to also express the goodness of spirit with simplicity and goodness.
Her desire to grow and develop herself made her a self-taught artist and confirmed her taste for oils and later gave way to a unique contemporary style.
She has participated in many different places, like cultural Spaces, galleries , universities and museums in Europe, the United States and Mexico. Her work is part of private collections in Mexico and in other countries as well as being exhibited in different art galleries.


Art with Sould

Her topic, catches and is able to capture the most subliminal sentiments of the Human Being, by expressing the complete spiritual goodness, with simplicity and warmth. Her work confirms the taste for combined techniques, oils, acrylic and inks giving way to a contemporary style.
Her need to create, express, capture and be able to transmit to you all what my soul feels in fundamental, as it is to give you my quiet listening, my tired tranquility, my feelings with no sense, and unrevealed secret of wordless conversations, of a time out of time of a contrast in colour, a heaven and a hell, of a dry tear, of an angel and I.
I dance between intense brushstrokes and soft strokes achieving contrasting colours where melancholic scenes or perhaps a love story are drawn, where you are a protagonist with only one aim, to feel this moment of creation so that the art doesn´t remain here, but rather within you, awakening all that the soul holds.

my bull “my bull”