Francesco Gautero

Francesco Gautero

Location: Italy

I was born in Dronero 25 August 1956. At the age of fourteen beginning to take the first steps in painting. Autodidact fervent and tenacious I continued to experiment in the art of painting.
My passion is to draw from the great mine that is the story, but I also love painting: still lifes, landscapes, animal and the human figure in its various expressions.


moments of history

Escort fighters of the Regia Aeronautica ( italian Royal Air Force) in action in the sky of the island of Malta. Second World War.
Oil on canvas, dimensions 120x100 cm.

Gheregheghez “Gheregheghez”

Macchi205 the Republican National Aviation flying over the snow-capped peaks of the Valle Varaita Piedmont the southwest . Second World War

Feind abgefangen ! “Feind abgefangen !”

Dornier night fighter in action . Second World War. oil on canvas 50x60

fair winds “fair winds”

frigate of the Kingdom of Sardinia. Oil on canvas 25x35 cm