Adeline Dutel

Adeline Dutel

Location: France

Adeline Dutel
born in Lyon
contact: (0) 614 329 201
workshop: 19 Castle Square ,84160 Lauris.
1987: MJM Lyon graphic designer training
1989: Silver medal school Van Der Kelen (Brussels)
2001 :P decorator: numerous decoration projects, for individuals or companies
Trump-l'oeil achievements, fake wooden marbles, material effect.
2011 :D beginning of various private exhibitions of paintings on canvases.
2011-2012: "Retromobile" lounge
2011: Monaco Motor Legend
2012: Autumn Show in China.
2013: restaurant exhibition "La Sauvageonne" Megeve
2013: Automobilart exhibition, gallery 203 Montreal.
2014-2015: Gallery ste Colombe ,St Paul de Vence
2014-2015: Hotel du Castellet
2015: gallery: "Atelier 55" Megeve
2016: Le Sm'art Aix in Provence
2017: ceramic training (Point Fusion)
2017:SIAC Marseille
2019: S'MART Aix in Provence
2019: "Women's Talents" exhibition for soroptimist Lyon.
2020: Auction Drouot Paris solidarity sale.



More than a fight, it is a tribute to committed, modern, warrior, scandalous women ...

Inspired by my travels in the authentic universes of Africa and Asia, I explore through materials and different techniques the portraits of women of the world, all the beauty and strength that their faces express.

Like a meditation, the work of oil painting suits me ideally to blend in with the endless shades of the faces.

"Aya" “"Aya"”

oil on canvas , 116 x 89 cm

"Ayako" “"Ayako"”

oil on canvas 116 x 89 cm