Wayne King

Wayne D. King is an accomplished and award winning photographer. His work can be found in the collections of a broad range of people including Livingston Taylor, (the late) Peter Max, Koko Taylor, Richard Merit, Bill Bradley, Bruce Babbitt, Bill Clinton, Adhiambo Odaga, Bill Russell and others. His images are a celebration of life, blending the real and the surreal to achieve a sense of place or time that reaches beyond the moment into a dreamlike quintessentialism designed to spark an emotional response. Using digital enhancement, handcrafting, painting, and sometimes even straight photography, King takes the viewer to a place that is beyond simple truth to where truth meets passion, hope and dreams.

King studied photography under Richard Merritt at the University of New Hampshire. UNH had only a few photography classes but in those heady days Richard Merritt worked with a small and dedicated group of photographers who would become some of today's finest photographers: Edward Acker, Steve Bliss, Christopher Polydoroff, Casey MacNamara, Hannah Stutz and others.

As a freshman at UNH, King borrowed a camera from his roommate in order to have a camera when he applied for a job as a photographer at the New Hampshire, the UNH student newspaper. He had never used a camera but he needed the money so he talked a good game and was hired, prompting him to quickly learn how to develop film and print images. Within a few days he was hooked and he went on to work for the New Hampshire for the next four years competing fiercely for front page images with his roommate and good friend Edward G. Acker III.

King holds a BS Degree in Environmental Conservation and a Masters Degree in Earth and Space Science Education from the University of New Hampshire, Durham. 

A three term former State Senator from New Hampshire, Wayne King was the 1994 Democratic nominee for Governor. King is also the founder of The Electronic Community, a group of social entrepreneurs working on social and development issues in Africa.

King recently concluded work as the CEO of MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc with a merger that will make the company a force in the industry. MOP is a small public company in the business of manufacturing Oil Spill cleanup products. He is currently planning his next great life adventure. However, he knows it will begin with the novel on which he is hard at work “Sacred Trust” a rollicking adventure to stop a power transmission line.



Escheheman is the Cheyenne word for Grandmother (earth).

Eschehemans Breath “Eschehemans Breath”

Escheheman is the Cheyenne word for Grandmother (Earth). The image was capture on the Roaring Fork River in Aspen, Colorado.

Ahead of the Storm “Ahead of the Storm”

Angus cattle headed home ahead of a spring storm in Bishop, CALIFORNIA. Hand-painted monochrome reproduced in an edition of 10 signed original prints. 16x24 inches I framed.

Aspenglow on the Roaring Fork River “Aspenglow on the Roaring Fork River”

Captured in Aspen, Colorado.