Karen Kucharski

I am a visual artist and dancer exploring the theme of relationships by combining a beauty of purpose with a beauty of form. I bring metaphors to light and revel in the grace of subtle refinement.  I use Tango imagery to highlight heart-to-heart communication and beneficial union, where united figures offer an empowering reminder that good things are possible between people.

I also explore relationship dynamics having to do with ethnicity, indigenous cultures, and environmental issues. I present truths and values that I find important, such as the responsibility in sharing a land with cultures other than my own or the indelible bond of life and water. Landscapes are a reflection of energies I feel when outdoors, and in seeing patterns which create strength and beauty while making room for uniqueness in life. Landscapes juxtaposed with cultural imagery highlight circumstances about relationships, whether natural or superimposed, and again, present ways to work together.

My goal is to be compassionate and rhythmic, and to create opportunities for viewers to dance between the themes presented and my resonating marks.

I am a printmaker and educator by degree, and a painter and one who draws according to the ideas behind the work (or the studio available.) I also work with digital elements.

I teach; I dance; I create.


Silver Journeys

In 2013, the 400th anniversary of the Two Row wampum belt was commemorated. This belt made of shells and leather marks the first recorded treaty between the Haudenosaunee (indigenous peoples of northeastern America) and non-natives. As I developed imagery on this issue, I began to interpret the history of immigration from Europe, memories that are left behind, and the road to reconciliation. Silverpoint is one of the mediums used because of its treasured value and its symbolism in the covenant chain of treaties, a series of promises made between sovereign nations to uphold peace and friendship forever.

Change of Direction “Change of Direction”

2015; Acrylic and silverpoint on panel, 32x24 inches

To America “To America”

2015; Acrylic, silverpoint, and graphite on panel; 32x24 inches

Silver Matrix/ WE “Silver Matrix/ WE”

2014; Acrylic and silverpoint on panel; 30x20 inches

Wind Silk “Wind Silk”

2014; Acrylic and silverpoint on panel; 32x24 inches

Susquehanna Crossroads

Artistically-rendered digital photographs highlighting the relationship of public architecture to the river environment. As I developed this series of work, a flood swept through the town and destroyed many buildings and morales. Yet the biggest danger faced at the time was the high-volume hydro-fracking looming at the edge of the state line. "Hull" embraces the roll of the local historical society.

Guardian I: At the Museum “Guardian I: At the Museum”

2011; Digital print; various sizes

Guardian II: At the Courthouse “Guardian II: At the Courthouse”

2011; Digital print; various sizes

Herons' Watch “Herons' Watch”

2011; Digital print; various sizes

Dawn “Dawn”

2011; Digital print; various sizes


Tango paintings onstage with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra; Buffalo Tango Festival, 2007. "Tango Slices;" five panels, acrylic; each 96x15 inches