Valentinus Tonny Joeswanto

Valentinus Tonny Joeswanto

Location: Indonesia

My name Valentinus Tonny Joeswanto. I was born in 26 december 1969. I am nkt actually artist but I love doing painting and black and white photography. I used to be starting drawing by water color when I was in high school by outodidact and take a course of photography at ipphoss surabaya in 1990s.
In 2004 I started painting again by oil on canvas. Today I find the more interesting way to painting by digital application. In this portofolio I show the audiance my work of digital painting.


Digital state of art

Here the digital art of mine representing my feeling of beauty and adore of creation

 The Bagong's Ambitions “ The Bagong's Ambitions”

Bagong is the fiction figure of wayang puppet. He is the part group of punokawan or a servant who assist Arjuna. Bagong has indifferent caracter, apposite to the main stream to gain his goal. The toys black stalion represent the stuck viacle he ride to endorse his willingness.
Frankly this digital painting trys hard to tell my feeling to one who force his want winning the Indonesian general election in 2018-2019

The apsaras “The apsaras”

The apsaras telling parody about the way of fundamentalist and radicalist translating the 47 apsara of the holy quran.

Young girl and baby “Young girl and baby”

The sadness of the young mother pregnant by accident.

The apsaras 2 “The apsaras 2”

The same text of the apsaras

Pura bali “Pura bali”

A motion pura bali and dancing of holy creation