Dominique Therrien

Dominique Therrien

Location: Canada


Dominique Therrien, known by the pseudonym DoT, is a self-taught painter and trained actress from Quebec, Canada. Her childhood, cradled in a warm and stimulating family atmosphere, marked by encouragement to cultivate creativity. This early artistic education planted the seeds of her passion for all forms of art. DoT ventured into experimenting the joys and flexibility of acrylic paint witch perfectly matches her impulsive and passionate temperament, allowing her to freely express her artistic visions without temporal constraints.
Her studies in theater profoundly enriched her journey, providing her with a field for exploring human emotions through the embodiment of diverse and complex characters. This immersion in the dramatic world feeds her painting, infusing it with a theatrical, colorful, and deeply human dimension, characterized by figures with closed eyes, as if suspended in a rich and poetic inner world.
The pandemic marks a decisive turning point in her life: the suspended time becomes an opportunity for full dedication to painting. She experiments, innovates, and asserts her style in the depiction of characters in search of serenity and inner connection, a quest that is also her own.
Her first solo exhibition, titled “Retour en soi” (Return to Self), took place in December 2022 at the Raymond Lévesque Library in Longueuil, marking the beginning of a series of participations in contests and virtual exhibitions, crowned with success and recognition.
For DoT, art is a bridge to the soul, an invitation to explore and share the most intimate inner universes. Her vision, both tender and bold, makes her a unique voice in the contemporary artistic landscape, a window open to the infinity of human experience.

Artist Statement
My artistic approach highlights the journey back to oneself, self-love, and the connection with our deeper being. My works often depict meditative characters, internalized in a style reminiscent of pointillism, with small, bright, and colorful squares overlapping.
I paint by intuition, starting with an abstract form, either through color or texture, which gradually reveals the subject. Once this subject is highlighted, the colors impose themselves on me, and I adorn the form with countless small squares that convey an impression of bursting, vibrations, or dreams swirling around the characters, as if the inside were unfolding outward.
Each "dot" I apply on the canvas is a purely intuitive act in the moment's state. The lines evoke for me threads that intersect like infinite possibilities of encounters and destinies.
I aim to communicate an emotional story through my work. My aspiration is that my art—soft, blending figurative and abstract elements, infused with poetry—serves as a beacon for viewers to pause, recalibrate their life's focus, and forge a deeper connection with their inner selves.