Nick Marci

Welcome to my site!

I am a graphical artist from Russia, capital of the Siberia - Novosibirsk city. I graduated as arts teacher in 1996 and now work as a head of advertisement department and a designer at a company that makes skin care products. I do my paintings at my spare time. I started painting in my senior school years under influence of S.DalĂ­ and fantasy painters.

There are not many people who are interested in painting now, mostly those who do it themselves. So I address my works to people who are not indifferent and who would like to learn something new. I understand art as a way to pass information, thought, state of the soul. The more precisely a work of art transmits the mode of thought and worldview of its author, the better it is. Art has unclear boundaries now, and spectators view it differently. Some perceive a painting through associations from private experience, others remember a book on the subject. Some turn to philosophy trying to find verbal meaning, and some just look for colors matching those of their wallpaper. I use allegories, images and symbols to pass the knowledge and sensations which I have found and keep finding in my life. In ancient times art passed a special kind of information, affecting people internally and letting them be transformed. That was an objective art - which is now inaccessible. I am trying to find a path to this very art.