Yuko Kokubun

Yuko Kokubun

Location: Japan

With the concept “Earth Theater,” dramas occur among humans/organisms are replaced with theatrical interpretation and applied to a painting. Personally, I think collage is a dissection accommodating combinations of matter with and without meanings. In a situation similar to the recreate matters in the narrow space of the upper stage, shapes are like intertwisting with each other, and playing with each other. Also, the mesh pattern usually found as the background, has a function to indicating the “visual texture” upheld by James Jerome Gibson, a visual perception psychologist. It reveals that there is a huge amount of interrelated “texture” in our world indeed.



'BIOTRON' is my keyword – a chamber with an artificial climate control in which environmental conditions can be controlled to test the effects on organisms. I depict new species of magical creatures (characters) generated in the chamber as well as those creatures' plays (acts), stage sets and props. This new style of circus is to showcase not only traditional culture of human beings, but also the Earth itself on which all organisms play each role.