Ariane Wyss

Ariane Wyss

Location: France

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, 1956/
Presently living in France/
SINCE 2005 Full time painter/
1989-2005 Freelance graphic designer, Geneva, Switzerland/
1987-1989 Freelance decorator, Geneva, Switzerland/
1983-1986 Radio program planner, quizmaster, RSR, Geneva, Switzerland/
1980-1983 Silkscreen printer, Osiris Productions, NYC/
2002-2011 EBAG, France-Andrea Gabutti's atelier/
2000-2002 EBAG, France-oil painting atelier/
1990-1991 Van der Kelen Institute, Brussels, Belgium-trompe l'oeil/
1984-1985 IFAGE, Geneva, Switzerland–computer graphics/
1981-1983 School of Visual Arts, NYC–graphic design/
1978-1980 ESMOD, Paris, France–fashion and textile design/
2017 HUG Geneva Switzerland/
2015 Centre socio-culturel, Barberaz, France/
2015 CHS Bassens, France/
2013 Factory-Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany/
2012 Fondation La Muse, Genève/Lausanne/Switzerland/
2011 CasaDesign, Maconnex/Ferney, France/
2011 Maison Fusier, Ferney-Voltaire, France/
2010 Salon ID d'Art, Annecy-le-Vieux, France/
2009 Saatchi and Saatchi, Geneva, Switzerland/
2009 Villa Dutoit, Geneva, Switzerland/
2009 Europ Art (w/Artraction), Geneva, Switzerland/
2008 Halles de la Fonderie, Geneva, Switzerland/
2007 Galerie Ruine, Geneva, Switzerland/
2006 Côtélac, Galerie 29, Evian, France/
1981 Modernart Editions, NYC/


Selection of paintings

Mainly large oil paintings on canvas or on fabric.
I feel expressionnist, abstract and always looking for something new.
I'm seeking ahead, like to explore further, never want to be in a routine.
Every new painting is like a new travelling experience, I think I know where I'm going at the beginning and I end up in a totally different place.

Untitled 2015 “Untitled 2015”

150x100 - gesso & oilsticks on canvas

Otherwell 2015 “Otherwell 2015”

150x110 - oil charcoal sequins on canvas

Tribute #2 to Akio Takamori 2014 “Tribute #2 to Akio Takamori 2014”

170x100 - Oil, charcoal, sequins on assembled fabric

Tribute #1 to Akio Takamori “Tribute #1 to Akio Takamori”

170x100 - Oil, charcoal & sequins on assembled fabric

Nuit de noces en Nyctalopie 2013 “Nuit de noces en Nyctalopie 2013”

100x140 - Oil & charcoal on canvas

Rouge 2013 “Rouge 2013 ”

100x130 - Oil & charcoal on canvas

Selfportrait 2011 “Selfportrait 2011”

140x100 - Oil charcoal spray paint on paper

é & é 2010 “é & é 2010”

150x100 - Oil charcoal gesso collage on assembled fabric