Lorella Consorti

Lorella Consorti

Location: Italy

Lorella Consorti lives in
Empoli, Florence Italy
She uses Acrylic colors on wood

Last important exhibitions

Sale del Bramante Roma, 2012
Biennale Arte Palermo, 2014 and 2015
Museo Mit Torino 2015
ROA Art Gallery London 2015
Museo Bartali Florence 2015
Cassa di Risparmio Firenze,
Sala delle Colonne,
Palazzo Bastogi , Florence 2015
Milano Expo 2015
AEM Museo dell'Energia
Published picture
" Manhattan"Annuario Artisti 2015
on selection by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi



Cm 90 x 120, acrylic on wood 2014
The painting of the artist
Lorella Consorti
Is pre/conceptual, is pre/ rational, curved is baled spirit of the sea, reflections of sky, flashes of childhood, sprayed with warm memories, which sedimented in a fertile mind dizziness panic translates colors of life
Prof.Nazario Pardini, art critic, essayist, poet

the bookcase “the bookcase”

The bookcase , cm 90x
crylic on wood
Color is the main actor of this composition, where sunlight is announced by a window in the background, is an expressive realist research very well managed
thanks to a realization perspective of absolue rigor
Prof.Paolo Levi, art critic

the house on the rock “the house on the rock”

Lorella Consorti relies completely on colour to share sensations and fanciful digressions on reality.The house on the rock reveals a secret angst deeply surrounded by nature in autumnal shades, warm and romantic, dripping with lyrical power, they inyect quietness and renewed love for nature.A refined game within
color and light bestows dynamism and an extraordinary powerful expressiveness, to the wooden surface, starkly similar to those of the Great Art of the past.
Sandro Serradifalco, art critic

the garden “the garden”

The main aspect of Lorella Consorti works is
the sincere freshness that vibrates in her paintings.She lives her relationship with reality in such a joyful way that her works seem to be borne spontaneosly by an original state of grace, full of candor. Actually, what characterized Lorella Consorti is not only her deep shrewdness for phenomena ,in general, but also her firm technical
knowledgend the gift of the invention.
Prof.Mario Meozzi, art critic