Joanna Blair

Joanna Blair

Location: Australia

Painting with a sensitivity that captures a moment in time, its atmosphere, energy, movement and mood using a range of techniques and use of colour – a self-confessed maverick who is self taught – Joanna allows the work to take its own course through her imagination. With a preference for strong colour and thick paint, resulting in astonishing finishes that is garnishing an international audience.
Joanna is a self-taught artist; since being selected to exhibit two of her works in the prestigious 2015 London Biennale in January, her art has swiftly become more and more in demand, garnering international attention and requests from Galleries in Europe and New York to show her work. Described by the European Confederation of Art Critics as “an artist of exceptional talent and an expressive force in today’s contemporary art forum”, her art has caught the eye of highly respected, international art critics and collectors alike. Her pieces sell quickly and this is an artist whose career is rising rapidly.

2015 –
LONDON BIENNALE - held at Old Chelsea Town Hall, UK (January)
TOKYO INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR – held at Harajuku Quest Hall, Tokyo Japan (May)
MIAMI ART EXPO – held at Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery, Miami USA (June)
CHIANCIANO BIENNALE – held at Chianciano Museo D’Arte, Italy (September)
+61 408 867 467


Current Work

Oil on canvas

Swimmers frolicking in the warm waters, enjoying their summer holidays

Rainy Reflections “Rainy Reflections”

Oil on canvas

Sitting in a cosy café, it's late afternoon and the rain is falling, running down the window causing the colours of the city to dance in the reflections

Underwater Tranquility “Underwater Tranquility”

Submerged under the water, looking up at the surface

The Artist Sleeps - but her ideas don't! “The Artist Sleeps - but her ideas don't!”

Oil on canvas

This is how I feel when ideas abound and you can't turn your mind off, even when you're asleep!

Sunshiny Day “Sunshiny Day”

The first day of true Spring weather, when the breeze is warm, fragrant and gently sweeping over you

Re-entry “Re-entry”

A goldfish jumping back into his comfort zone!

Illumination over Lake Eyre “Illumination over Lake Eyre”

Oil on Canvas

In the centre of Australia lies a lake - Lake Eyre - it is the lowest natural point in Australia, and, on the rare occasions that it fills, is the largest lake in Australia. This painting is of Lake Eyre during a massive dust storm, with small droplets of rain causing a striking rainbow

Madame Oiseau on her way to The Lido (Paris) “Madame Oiseau on her way to The Lido (Paris)”

Oil on canvas

An exotic creature, Madame Oiseau hurries along a Parisian street to the nightclub The Lido - known for it's unusual and striking acts!

Spring Rain “Spring Rain”

Oil on canvas

Cloud burst of spring rain over flowers

Going with the flow “Going with the flow”

Oil on canvas

Goldfish following the current of the water