Amiel Nadine


Location: France

STUDIES: Sorbonne University (Censier Bachelor of Arts)
Member: Academy 'ARTS - SCIENCES LETTERS and' '

LITERARY PUBLICATIONS: ROMAN: '' From Alexandria to the Land of Canaan '' edited by PLEIADE NEW Collection of Poems and 'One Love a Cree' 'published by the French Society of Poets.

PAINTING: ART EDUCATION: Workshop of Fine Arts of the City of Paris, Atelier Nicolas Poussin - (Charcoal - Watercolors - Pastels) For the Decorative Arts Louvres learns the ancient techniques of oil painting and mixed media Various .

EXHIBITIONS: In France and abroad (Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Italy: PARIS: European Academy of Arts France, Painters Marais, National Society of Fine Arts, SNAP, to company of Poets French Academy International Arts and Letters, European Academy of Arts etc ...

MEMBER OF THE LEAGUE OF FRENCH POETS: '' Nadine Amiel remains a classic and contemporary expression .Its universe relates to the journey of life and its origins. The latter carries with it the double Eastern and Western culture. With this experience the reports are much easier to find harmony in an age when everything related to the human seems regress to obscurantism. ''

CV of Nadine Amiel expressed by Michel Bénard, Lauréat de l’Académie Française


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