Jose Romero

...Spending a semester in Rome emphasized what I had already been feeling, that art is a part of me. It's something I have to do, which gives me that outlet and allows me to share with the world. Hopefully someday leaving behind a legacy or just perhaps a helpful record of what transpired in someone's life from our time told through works of art. What makes it interesting, is that these stories are told through the eyes and hands of someone with such a diverse and different background.

Born in Honduras, CA I began life as an upper middle class child in a third world country, brought to the USA in 86' at the age of ten, to a mostly African American community in New Jersey. From there my parents took us to upstate New York, where we grew up struggling to pay the rent for most of my teenage years. While in high school took up architecture and art courses, had two pieces selected into a national traveling show across the US. Then I left for New York City, where after studying architecture at Pratt Institute, and this is where I had the privilege of studying art and architecture in Rome for a semester, decided to stay and work as a junior architect in a firm which specialized in designing train stations. After this I took up with a small firm in Chinatown in which I was learning to design high end residential (town houses) and restaurants. By this point had already picked painting back up. It was also at this point in time that I witnessed 9/11 from a rooftop on Canal street…
Moved to Taylors, SC in 2009 and have been living and working here since. Had my first solo exhibition at the offices of MHK Architecture and Planning on Main St. in downtown Greenville in June of 2019. Had a show in 2020 (solo show, 30 pieces) at The Greer Center for the Arts. I have also been on exhibit at the Wild Hare Gallery in Travelers Rest (August 2020-May 2021) and Greenville Center for the Arts (March 2021. From there I have shown at The Artist Guild (May 2022) and am part of the ongoing permanent exhibit at Inchoate Art Gallery.


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