Melinda Maynard

Melinda Maynard

Location: Australia

I love to help people. To provide and fight for my family. To love my children. To help them succeed to be best they can be. To able to listen and understand that everyone is different have different opinions and respect that. I am an artist. I sketch my feelings my heart my soul my fantasies. I love passion. I love people. Walking in the rain.
I would love to just count all the stars. Dance all night. Splash in the ocean. Sit snd watch the sun go down. Play loud music. Read a good book. Just Hold hands. Lay in the bath with bubbles overflowing over the edge. Sit around the kitchen table listening to everyone talking at once. Feeling that love of family and of friends. Laughing. Just Watching the dogs run crazy. Sitting around the camp fire. Not having to leave until the last ember has gone. Knowing that my life is not just passed by. It’s holding on. Opening your eyes. Not Just seeing one colour but all of them. Look up at the sky. What do you see? Look at my eyes. What do you see? I always find something beautiful in every body in every thing. I think your beautiful. You see I like all the colours of the rainbow. I like all your colours. I just want to know do like my colours to.


Just In The Moment

Just So Lucky To Have This Moment

Outside the stars so bright. So many. Just wanting to be able to count them. That’s pure beauty. That’s something you can’t buy. Being wrapped up by family. Loved.
That’s my biggest wish for my children. That feeling, just family, no judgment ,unconditional love.
By Melinda

The Untold Story “The Untold Story ”

Just my words

You can’t walk someone else’s walk.
It’s just to hard.
I love.
I do.
Whole hearted.
I tried so hard.
It’s true.
So hard.

Sunflower Girl all In Yellow “Sunflower Girl all In Yellow ”

A moment. A thought. A dream.
Just one girl. Just one boy.

Dressed In Red. New Years Eve. “Dressed In Red. New Years Eve. ”

A girl just wants to have fun. Dressed in Red. Hair down. Hips swaying to the music.

Going With the Flow “Going With the Flow”

A reflection. A glow of orange.

Reflections “Reflections ”


Same girl. Same heart. Same wants. Same desires. So many faces.