Theresa Girard

I use to think that my work needed to serve some higher purpose.
I felt it was my duty as an artist, to create some kind of statement or inward analysis.

However, this quote by Mark Rothko really made me think.
“The function of the artist is to make the viewer see things our way, not their way.” (from a letter written to the new york times: june 1943)
This statement gave me permission.

My recent paintings reflect this confidence, and a new purpose with paint and design. I begin by energizing the surface until all of the marks are to my liking...
Once energized, I simplify.
Sometimes the process repeats, developing a fast “impulse and observation” pace.
This allows me to be a part of the painting from beginning to the end and onward.

As long as it feels right to me, I put it out there, daring greatly.


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