Patrick Vollmar

Artist since his 15th anniversary, Patrick was involved by showing his mum, artist as well.

Patrick stated to learn a very old "under glas" painting technic.

But he continue to progress , with other courses, other technics drawing, and painting couses and then continue from his own. He tryed acryl, then swich to oil. And he never changed from this time.

Patrick and mother have allredy exhibit in different places for exemple, Paris, Firenze, Barcelona and Firenze again. And Switzerland of couse, homeland. They both were decover from the art critic Giuliiano Serafini.

Now Patrick is still painting in his little atelier in Morges, Switzerland.

He can be join at the phone nr + 0041 79 604.96.02. - or under


oil paintings

You can see different oil paintings, available to any Artlover. You can be Artist, interested in Art. You would ave the opportuity, so get one, and have fun with one of my picture. Or if you are investor s - don't be shy , Art is a secure investment. I have a free cotation in Paris by Drouot (salle des ventes),

A very good alteenance to 1) have a nice piece from the artist, Patrick Vollmar
second to 2) promote a comming artist
third to 3) give the opportunity to an artist to travell and become with the years famous, this thank to you..... Many thanks to everybody

Urban City “Urban City”

My second last piece, I love this one, I had fun to create it.

At the beginning it was written in french : expo - for exhibition to see

Art Basel “Art Basel”

This picture has taken part in te Art Basel contest

Energy “Energy”

This paintings was made with my fuly energy, with my both hands.

I offen go back put my hands on it to be powered again.

50X70 cm

Music “Music”

I let you guess

50X100 cm

Roberto “Roberto”

This picture was made after a film on the creator Roberto Cavalli Firenze Italy.

They shown his "intérieur" by and in his house.

50X100 cm

Extravagant “Extravagant”

Between animal and human

50X100 cm

Middle of nowhere “Middle of nowhere”

Just simple, and efficient

Curiousity “Curiousity”

Nice piece

oil mixted

Liberty “Liberty”

Liberty and Freedom effect

Una Dona “Una Dona”

Rest time

50X50 cm

Power of life “Power of life”

This picture was made with a lot of power

50X50 cm


Shown by my first individual exhibition


Budget “Budget”

Mixted technics, this oil paintings come nicely done.

Black and white “Black and white”

With different technics, this oil picture became a collection piece as well.

80X80 cm

work in process “work in process”

This piece ist an invitation to create the future.
But this oil picture arrived and find his End

50X70 cm

my place “my place”

You can see were I create

Voie lactée “Voie lactée ”

Hand painted only, without brush, nothing me, my energy and my two hands

Lovely experence, I will try again

Figure 2 “Figure 2”

second figurativ

Figure 3 “Figure 3”

3rd figrativ

Sun shine “Sun shine”

Summer time,

50x60 cm

Fluent energy “Fluent energy”

positiv, bring positiv !!

I like to be energetic and positiv, and have a zen attitude,

Life is life, so get it - try it !