Burkhard P. Bierschenck

Burkhard P. Bierschenck

Location: Germany

Burkhard P. Bierschenck studied history (M.A.) and is a graduate of the German School of Journalism. He was editor in chief, publishing director and managing director at various German and international publishing houses. In 1998 he startet his own business as publisher of Verlag Neuer Merkur in Munich, which publishes professional journals and reference books.

He wrote several novels and published Poetry. He belongs to the PEN Centre of German-speaking authors abroad and is a member of the Writers' Associations “Syndikat” and "HOMER - Historical Literature".

As a painter he specialises in digital painting. Exhibitions in Rome, Berlin, Paris, Munich and Vienna.

He lives in Munich and in France.


Transformation - the living art

Transformation for me is the fundamental artistic subject. Whether as a writer or as a visual artist History is action, always the humans are perpetrators and victims at the same time, and thereby transformation is without limit. Everything changes. Without Borders means that there are no restrictions, neither in spirit, form and or subject, nor even concerning taste, ethics and morals.

Torture (Folter) “Torture (Folter)”

Torture can mean everything. Strike a nail or donate a coin?

Wave (Welle) “Wave (Welle)”

Waves are symbols of infinity

Biofood “Biofood”

Healthy or toxic?

Acto 7 “Acto 7”

Manual-Digital Painting, canvas