Sussi Hodel

Sussi Hodel comes from a Danish family of artists. For her, it was already as a child important to be creative. Nevertheless, she did not chose art as the first education; nor as second.
Later, with the encouragement from the outside, she attended a multi-year art lessons at Lisa Schneider. Lisa taught her the base and different techniques of painting. She gave her the knowledge of art and artists of various eras. In 2006 she met the Belgian artist adema in his first exhibition in Switzerland. She asked him, impressed by his paintings to take her as his student. Since then she was his master-student for the following nine years.
Her paintings are characterized by the fine structures and a very personal touch of color. It is her play with color that makes the perception of figures and concrete forms creating a vivid impression. The game with the situations and colors in the works is often concise striking and gives each room a unique atmosphere and presence.
Her works have been published in international journals, books, and social media. Her works are shown on various exhibitions in Switzerland, Italy, France, USA, England, Portugal and Germany.


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