My name is Marina, 21 years old.

Drawing has been a sense of my life from my early childhood. Sometimes I have an impression that I had learned how to draw before started walking. I've never studied painting professionally, it came naturally over time. The desire for art led me to drop out a boring technical college.

I've always wanted to paint in my own unique style, because any work involves the continuous development and improvement of your own skills.

I realized that purpose of my life is painting. My canvas are united by one important point, which I want to inform all the people throughout the world, that even in ordinary things you can learn to see the bright colors, and then life will be full of joy and happiness.

I believe that every person in the world has his own personal mission, which involves improving the lives of all its inhabitants. So, my mission is to inspire as many people to do what they love and to reveal their talents in all colors and shades.


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