Zakir Hussain Tanha

Zakir hussain Tanha

Location: India

Zakir Hussain [Tanha]
*DOB: 20-11-1977
*Native Place : Solapur, Maharashtra, India.
*Residence & Studio : Zakir Hussain Shaikh (Tanha).
RooNo301,StarManzil,Plot30/E,sector8-B, Belapur, Navi Mumbai -400614.


A.T.D (Solapur ) & ART MASTER (Mumbai )
**Awards & Achievements **
2017 Best Painting Award from “EFAC BALASORE, ODISHA.
2016. International "Art Maestro " Title Award at Lalit Kala Darbar Art gallery , Kerala.
2016. Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Award Kalanand Art Contest.
2015. M.F.Husain National Award from Indian Royal Academy of Art and Culture, Karnataka.
2015. Best Painting Award from the Art Society of India.
2013. An Achievement of Special Award named "Bint-e-Hawa” given by Anjuman-I-Islam, Mumbai
for depicting exploitation of a woman through an exhibition.
2011. An Achievment of Special Award For "Model Presentation On Human History " honoured by
Anjuman-I-Islam, Mumbai
2010. A Special Award "Model Presentation On "AntiTobacco Campaign” by Anjuman-I-Islam,
2008. 1st Prize from Salam Bombay Foundation for Best Painting.
2004. International 1st Prize from T.P.W.W. Company, Tehran, Iran on Water Conservation Topic.
2000. 1st & 2nd Prizes (Four Prizes) from Govt. Dental College, Mumbai.
**Art Camp **
2017 “Nature in Body and Soul” LIWA ART HUB, ABU DHABI, UAE.
2016. "Draws for Drought" from Kokuyo Camlin , Mumbai.
2015. Shaury Art Gallery. Navi Mumbai.
2013. Organised by Fourth Dimension.
**Group Show in India **
2016. “Global Art Fair” WTC, Mumbai.
2016. Naheru Center, Mumbai.
2016. Darpan Art Gallery, Pune
2015. Chaitanyamayi Art Gallery,Karnataka.
2015. Venketappa Art Gallery, Bangalore.
2015. Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2015. Art Gate,Churchgate, Mumbai.
2014. Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2013. State Gallery Of Art, Hyderabad.
2010. Kala Bhavan,Thane.
**International Group Show **
2017. ART HUB ,Abudhabi, UAE.
2014. Gandhi Center.(Indian Embassy ) Hague, Natherland.
2014. Golden Tulip, Roissy En France.
2014. Ramada, Engelberg, Switzerland.
2014. Ibis Hotel, Germany.
2014. Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore.
**Participation / Selection.**
2017. 57th Maharashtra State Art.
2016. "Art Maestro Award" Lalit Kala Darbar Art Gallery, Kerala.
2016. The Bombay Art Society.
2016. 56th Maharashtra State Art.
2016. Kalanand Art Contest Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation.
2015. National Award Indian Royal Academy Of Art Culture, Karnataka.
2015. The Bombay Art Society.
2015. The Art Society of India.
2015. 55th Maharashtra State Art.


Thirsty kettle

Size: 24x 30 inches
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Thirsty kettle “Thirsty kettle”

Acrylic on canvas
24x 30 inches

       Kettle's work is to give but apart it , is also sucking remaining tea of cup & glass. Allah (God) gives it alot to distribute among others.But today's kettle is storing continuously. Similarly, big kettles are Hurdles in the works of Allah.
    Thirsty kettle's thirst is not a thirst...... it is only a greediness which would be worthless after few days for kettle.

Sharing “Sharing”

Acrylic on canvas
24x 30 inches

" Sharing"  The Kettles are mighty and glasses & Cups are poor. As in the society rich people share with each other  and poor neighbors are deprived of it.

Lantern “Lantern ”

Acrylic on canvas
24x 30 inches

In this painting, an artist expresses the emotion of the parents who sacrifice their entire life for the betterment of  their children....
It is only parents who try to give the best to their children unconditionally....

Emission from Newton's mind “Emission from Newton's mind”

Acrylic on canvas 
               91x 121cm

The creator made a lot of things in the universe that could not be read till now. It is emphasized in Qur'an by Allah(God) to think deeply on His signs and  creations. In this painting the artist has depicted abstract elements that are the mysteries of nature. On one of these mysteries Newton thought and became Pioneer.In the prism we see an enlightened brain which belongs to Newton.