Massimo Di Stefano

Massimo Di Stefano

Location: Italy

I was born in Chieti in 1965 and I live and work in Perugia.
I am a self-taught artist lover of the beauty of nature and the wonders of the Cosmo.
I approached the painting listening to this innate transport to the primordial elements of life in which I recognize the main engine to bring forth the depths of my soul.
My works are abstract - informal hints sometimes more or less figurative.
They are made with mixed media by the use of acrylic colours, tempera, enamel, natural earth, chalk, acrylic adhesives, polyurethane, etc. plant elements.
The testing of materials is the basis of my artistic journey that builds on everything that nature and human technology I provide.
Photography and digital art go hand in hand to painting with a synergy that strengthens and complements the desire and the need of emergence of my subconscious and of the users of my works.



Here are some of my pictorial works. Many are made on canvas and many others on polyurethane foam panels.

Geolica “Geolica”

3D mixed technique work created by the contemporary artist Massimo Di Stefano on a panel of polyurethane foam, a very resistant and at the same time light material, which allowed the artist to reach a unique and widely appreciated and internationally recognized artistic level.

Digital Art

Here you can admire some of my digital art works. Each work has been elaborated starting from photos taken by me

The song of the siren “The song of the siren”

Work made from photos taken by me and subsequently processed on the computer.