Emma Ljung

Emma Ljung

Location: Sweden


Abstract creations

Forest of the Fae “Forest of the Fae ”

A piece inspired by deep forests, mystic beings and the magic of nature.

High flow acrylics .

Abstract woodland “Abstract woodland ”

Ethereal nature.

High flow acrylics.

Solar “Solar ”

Solar flares in an abstract landscape.

Acrylic on canvas, 80x80 cm

Portal “Portal”

Channeled Oil painting, in which everyone sees something different. A gateway, a concert, an opening, mirrored waters.


Earth “Earth”

A forest, or an avocado.. or both!
Abstract Mother Earth.

High flow acrylics

Life through Death “Life through Death ”

A piece about the contrasts in life, and how everything interchanges and is woven together in a cosmic web.

Oil and high flow acrylics.
* Sold

Dancing Rains “Dancing Rains”

High flow acrylics.

Emerging “Emerging ”

Oil painting, 119 x 90 cm

”Earth” “”Earth””

Oil & High Flow acrylics
70x100 cm