Andrea Coltman

Andrea Coltman is primarily a figurative painter, living and working in the United Kingdom.

The main concerns of Andrea’s practice revolve around social observation. Intrinsically fascinated by people’s interactions within different environments she constantly searches for moments to record through paint. Andrea questions ‘what is modern life?’ and how she can best encapsulate that. This Andrea does through her own interactions wherever that may be.

The core of Andrea’s work is driven by her love of portraiture. Andrea’s paintings may not necessarily be read as conventional portraiture but more on the periphery. Through her application of paint Andrea experiments with moments, constantly questioning whether it is best to retain the context or not. With recent work Andrea is finding cross-hatchings of abstraction creeping in whilst still observing and retaining elements of realism. The process of making, for Andrea, is as important as the outcome.
Whilst the threads of Andrea’s work muse over societal issues focusing on psychology, this constant questioning has left her speculating, whether her work cross-examines anthropology and/or empathy and space.

Andrea has a BA Fine Art, First Class Hons from University of Kent and is currently studying MFA Fine Art at UAL, University of Arts London and is due to graduate July 2017.


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