Sue Graef

My works are vibrant acrylic landscape paintings on stretched canvas, lightheartedly expressing my vision of the world around me in a unique Expressionist style. These landscapes, range from urban to suburban and rural scenes created in brilliant saturated complimentary color.
Inspired by life itself, my intention is to intrigue and amuse my audience while they smile at colorful images. After all, people must disengage from a stressful day to day existence and I would like to think my work provides a momentary escape.



In her travels walking and driving around, the artist comes across scenes with intriguing shapes, angles and patterns. Excited about what she sees, she goes home to paint adding her imagination and bold, unconventional color to the mix. Many of the paintings get a reaction from viewers like, "I've been there" or "I know where that is" or :I just love the colors!".

Downtown Clearwater “Downtown Clearwater”

This is a very familiar cityscape/landscape scene near the artist's home. During this COVID mess over the last year, the main street in Clearwater, Florida has been closed to automobile traffic, allowing only foot traffic and restaurant seating outside. During off hours there is virtually no one walking around in downtown Clearwater. Graef's visionary, Expressionist artwork captures her interesting view of the area in bold, vibrant color and detail with hues of red, yellow, lavender, orange and green. The painting is unframed and finished with neatly painted edges. All the necessary hardware is attached and the artwork is ready to hang on the wall.

Have a Good Round “Have a Good Round”

The artist, in her unique style, created another vibrant Expressionist landscape. This time re-creating a typical Florida scene on the golf course with alligators and a blue heron. Rich, bold hues of turquoise, green, orange and pink are used to make the shapes, patterns and subjects dance on the canvas.
The artwork measures 36 x 48 x 1.5 inches, the best quality professional acrylic paint is used, it's unframed with neatly painted edges and is ready to hang on the wall with all the needed hardware attached.

Bridge to Cape Cod “Bridge to Cape Cod”

This is a vibrant, colorful landscape of the Bourne Bridge in Massachusetts created in an Expressionist style, freely interpreting the architecture, angles and patterns in this great bridge. The work involved hours of painting out the intricate pieces of the bridge using shades of green, painstakingly adding one part at a time with highlights of red and violet.
This artwork was painted with professional quality acrylic on stretched canvas. It is unframed with neatly painted edges and has all the needed hardware attached making it ready to hang on the wall.

Partly Cloudy in Philadelphia “Partly Cloudy in Philadelphia”

A vibrant Expressionist style unframed acrylic painting on two 40 x 30" stretched canvases. This is the artist's expression of her vision of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the city where she was born. It's a large urban landscape painted in highly saturated color, carefully balancing out the use of brilliant complimentary greens and reds with violet and yellow. Graef's work is influenced by the great artists, Henri Matisse and David Hockney. The artwork is ready to hang on the wall as two separate canvases side by side with all the needed hardware is attached.

Weehawken, New Jersey “Weehawken, New Jersey”

This Expressionist style colorful urban landscape painting captures the fascinating space and view of the ramp leading to the Lincoln Tunnel from Weehawken, New Jersey travelling to New York City. Driving through the traffic here for many years since childhood, the buildings almost right up against the curved ramp was fascinating to Graef. The artist used the most vibrant acrylic pigments of red, blue, yellow and purple on premium stretched canvas. The artwork is unframed with neatly painted edges. All the needed hardware is attached and the painting is ready to hang on the wall.