Location: Serbia


- 1997-2001 High school of fine arts, “Petar Lubarda”, Cetinje
- 2001-‘02 Faculty of fine arts, Cetinje, painting department
- 2002-‘06 Faculty of fine arts, Belgrade, painting department
- 2007. Tuck his master degree, wall painting/fresco, Saco painting and mosaic. Class of professor ?ura Radlovic.

Exhibitions and awards:

- 2003 gallery of the faculty of fine arts in Belgrade (award for the best painting)
- 2005 gallery of the faculty of fine arts in Belgrade (award for the best mosaic)
- 2006 gallery of the museum of Herzegovina, Trebinje
- 2007 gallery of the Students culture center Belgrade
- 2008/09 gallery “Fenix”, Mosaic miniature, Belgrade (award for contribution to contemporary mosaic)

- 2007-2008 Wall mosaics for the church “Resurrections of the Christ”
- 2009. Restorations of wall paintings and decorations at four churches of Patriarchy of Pec, Kosovo
- 2010. Wall mosaics for the church “Birth of the Holly Virgin” Zemun, Serbia.
- 2011. Wall mosaic for the church “st. Stefan” village near Podgorica, Montenegro.
- 2013. Floor mosaic for the International School in Podgorica, Montenegro.


Commissioned works

A little church near my village in mountains, Montenegro
I decided with agreement of church officials to make a mosaic of a saint Stefan who is a protector of it.
It is a small church, and the Mosaic is very small, just a little bigger than A4 format. Made of natural stone with golden nimbus.

church of st.Stefan “church of st.Stefan ”

On a day of installation of a mosaic On a very beautiful day

Communications “Communications ”

Floor mosaic made for local International school in Podgorica, Montenegro. 2013.
1,50 m diameter.
natural stone

detail of "Communications" “detail of "Communications" ”

after installing on the entrance door of school

Birth of the Holy Virgin, Zemun “Birth of the Holy Virgin, Zemun”

Commission work for a church in Zemun, Serbia. 2010
200 x 180cm
natural stone, smalti, gold

bathing girl, kupacica

auto-portret , 2007
taking a bath

weeping boy “weeping boy”

auto-portret 2007
natural stone,
35 x 65cm

Montenegrin girl “Montenegrin girl”

a "copy" of a drawing, made by Cheh paiter in 19. century
natural stone.
35 x 50cm

saint Dimitrios “saint Dimitrios ”

A typical portrait of a saint figures in Orthodox church wall painting 13-14 st.
38 x 50 cm

natural stone with golden aureole.


Mosaics inspired by animals,
shapes, forms and their colors

Polar freezing “Polar freezing”

Polar bears
Little mosaic less than A4 format
natural stone, monochromatic

Fishes on early morning “Fishes on early morning”

small mosaic made for my pleasure,
deep blue see and natural stone, 35 x 40cm