Brenda Patricia Rodriguez Fernandez

Brenda Patricia Rodriguez Fernandez

Location: Mexico

.Brenda Patricia Rodríguez Fernández was born in Mexico City in 1973. She studied Initiation in the Arts at Mexico's National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA), later earning a degree in Art at the University of the Cloister of Sor Juana. In 1997, she studied with Master Luis Nishizawa, from whom she learned the handling of multiple painting techniques and procedures. In 2007, she began a Master's degree in Social Responsibility at Anahuac University. She is a member of the Asociación de Artistas Plásticos de México, A.C, of the Visual Artists Association (VAA), Circle Foundation for the Arts (CFA).

From the moment she began to hold exhibitions, she decided on her professional name: Brenda R. Fernández.

Fernández's artistic career has seen her exhibit work in various national and international art spaces such as: : International Contemporary Art Fair at Le Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France, October 2019; Collective Art Show (MAMAG) Modern Art Museum, Vienna, Austria, September 2019 - January 2020; Hamptons Fine Art Fair 2022,, New York, USA, July 2022; Art Basel Biennale 2022, Switzerland, June 2022; Contemporary & Fine Art Cannes Biennale, Cannes, France, May 2022, Collective Art Show Gaudi Room, La Pedrera Barcelona - Spain, Dec 2022: Bellini Museum, Florence, Italy, March 2023, Solo Exhibition, Embassy of Mexico in Japan, March – June 2023. In July - August 2023 it will be part of the Art on Loop Europe Exhibition, in Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels.

In November and December 2023 it will participate in Art San Diego. San Diego, USA. Spectrum - Red Dot Miami, Miami USA and will be part of the artist residency Radio28 in Mexico City.

In 2024 he plans to participate in various art fairs and exhibitions in the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Mexico.


Colección Anacrónico

¨The whole concept of duality frames our world so that we split things up into separate sides, is anacronic. They are so dependent upon each other that they are, in effect, two different sides of the same conception.¨

Nonduality -

Colección Tridimensionalidad en puntos suspensivos

Weaving in different universes that converge and link by transferring a piece of clothbetween the canvases, thus achieving three-dimensionality of intertwined realities.