Michelle D. Ferrera

I create Original and Custom Figurative Fine Art, drawn freehand with pencil (and sometimes mixed media) on wood. My series of works are based on my emotions, personal experiences and life around me, directly pulled from journal entries I've been filling up since childhood.

As most creations happen, using raw wood as my canvas was a happy accident but one I continue to use. It serves as a mirror, reflecting my words, skin, durability, vulnerability and individuality. Keeping my tools and medium minimal provides me an environment conducive to creating such personal, intimate moments and poses. The nude figures, whether self portrait or other, represent the vulnerable process of letting go, in hopes to build self-love that may fuel confidence to openly connect, communicate, share and give.

Nurtured by creative influences and outlets, music and nature, ideas are never in shortage. Moving West in 2011 inspired me to take my art more seriously as a full-time career. While building on my processes, technique and subject matter; I began to self-publish (a dream since I was a kid) creative non-fiction, self-help, handwritten books for children and adults. Living West has also added a more (and much needed) natural and meditative influence to my already active lifestyle. I created "Moga", a choreographed stretch routine, during a time of depression which helped me find balance between life and Art. I continue to practice moga, sharing any additions or adjustments via social media, finding the importance of balance especially now as I juggle being a stay-at-home mom. "The Art of Moga" is my sixth publication, available on video (through YouTube) and is now being woven into the workshops and speaking engagements I'm leading. In sharing my own personal experiences, whether through my fine art, publications or workshops, I hope to enhance enthusiasm towards creative outlets as ways of self-healing, sparking motivation, inspiration, communication...or just a place to start.


last nite i became the monster...

These self portraits are created with a #2 pencil on wood.

Simple Flavors...

These self portraits are created with a #2 pencil on wood.


This series was created with Pencil and Mixed Media (watercolor, colored pencil, pastel, chalk) on Wood.
I combine self portraits and other figures with my dreams, wishes, nightmares and emotions, mimicking my journals outloud!

Xtra Flavors

All pieces in this series are created with #2 Mechanical Pencil on Wood.